Youth Program Coordinator


Our vision and mission is to provide trades & life survivor skill sets to our youth, in the form of classes and hands instructional study. We know that our youth need a running start to become financially, economically independent and competitive in the world’s market for their future.

Our Children, Young Men & Women Classes Teach Them How To:

basic cooking skills

hair braiding

trimming hair

do manicures & pedicures

arts & crafts

how to write an effective resume & cover letter

computer coding skills

how to utilize the latest technology to create a business opportunity for themselves

how to dress for success, etiquette, effectively communicate ideas in a business setting

how to obtain a passport/visa, book trips, for future personal/business travel

providing the blueprints, steps to set up and establish their own businesses

finding out what their potential goals are. Connecting them with professionals in their respective fields (job shadow) who can mentor and provide insight

basic vehicle maintenance and upkeep. What to look for when purchasing a used or new vehicle and negotiating the purchase.

budgeting, paying yourself first, reviewing a bank statement, balancing a savings, or checking account.

how to purchase investments: e.g. us savings bonds, stocks, precious coins, etc.

NOTE: We are looking for people who would like to donate their talents and skills to teach youth year round, e.g., barbers, make up artist, hair stylist, event coordinators, financial literacy, home economics, etc.

If you would like to volunteer, make a donation or become a mentor, please CONTACT US

Annually, “Learning To Live Through The Struggle, NFP” hosts:

“Take Me Back To A Kid Again”.

The Next Date Of Our Event Is

August 27, 2023

Click here to register for the 5th annual take me back to a kid again :

  • The purpose of this event is to bring the youth, families & friends together for a fun day in peace and teaching our youth about traditional fun.
  • We provide the activities and supplies but we also ask the adults to bring their favorite Old Skool Game to donate to a child. The reason being is that we would like for each kid to leave with a toy or game of their own.


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