Hello, I am Mrs. Sekea Yvette Ross. I am a strong black woman, with a good heart and a genuine smile. I am determined to make it and to make life better for others.

After all the heartbreaks, setbacks and struggles I have been through, I can now finally say this time, that I have found my soulmate in my new husband Mr. Michael Breashears. Our hearts and visions are the same. We are a team, moving on the same path, to accomplish set goals.

I am a happy mother of two handsome biological sons and a host of other lovely children that God has blessed me with.

I am a Stage 3 Her + Breast Cancer survivor, a past domestic abuse survivor and more importantly I am an overcomer of both of these horrific life changing events.

Through all of life’s challenges, the strength and love that God has deposited into me is evident in my smile. My smile is the suave that helped me to have hope, to heal, live and grow. Never let no one take your smile away, no matter what.

I leaned to forgive myself for not seeing the signs earlier and walking away alot sooner. I also learned how to release the binding feelings of hate that could have kept me from living and finding true love again. I forgave those that I put my trust in, who let me down and tried to hurt me. It was a teachable moment that allowed me to evaluate my strengths, weakness, circle of family/friends and how to guard my heart.


I utilize my array of entrepreneurial skills to not only help myself but to help others. I started a few programs to help our youth learn everyday survival and business skills to become self sufficient and economically competitive in the future. I also established feeding outreach teams to go out amongst the homeless providing food, clothes, a kind word and love. In addition I speak at various events about my life’s experiences and journey as a breast cancer and domestic abuse survivor.

I never give up in spite of what I been through, nor have I abandoned my dreams. I am still here for a reason. We all are here for a reason. Find your passion, essence and what makes you tick. Work your dreams and not someone elses. If you fail to plan someone else will plan for you.

Live, Love, Survive