Breast Cancer Survivor


This is what your smile looks like when life after death started showing up. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. I thank God for life.

When i took this picture, it was a mixed emotion day.

I had found a lump under my left arm back in 2016. When I look back, I understand why I had been in pain for 2 weeks. My body was trying to tell me something. Thank God I had an appointment that next day to see what the problem was.

I had Stage 3 Her + Breast Cancer in my left breast, with a lump in both breasts. It was an eye opener for me. .

I was laid on my back fighting for my life but I knew that this struggle could not stop me from helping others.

I created my Community Outreach Business, website and social media pages in order to show others how to live and survive the struggle.

Meet Ms. Erika Bracy, Founder of the,

“Brave Chicks”

She has been one of my biggest mentors, supporter and friend. I would like to give her my uttermost congratulations and recognition.

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